Tata Power completes 50 years of conserving the Mahseer and gets the Deccan Mahseer off the IUCN Red List of Endangered species

Tata Power has always strived to be a conscious corporate in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the Tata Group. Preserving the environment, being humane towards our earth, promoting bio-diversity, and maintaining the ecological balance, have always been more than a passion for us. And in that regard it gives us great joy to announce we have completed 50 years of our project with the Mahseer – protecting and increasing the number of this Tiger of the Waters.

There is so much to talk about the Mahseer. (Fifty years is anyway a long time!) This is a grand fish that has a royal presence and impressive qualities. It belongs to a freshwater species that for many years has faced the threat of extinction in the wild.

At one time, this regal specimen used to thrive in the rapids of the Himalayan and Sahyadri ranges, besides other rivers and lakes across the country. But soon this Mighty Mahseer, was being hunted because of its commanding size and rich looks. It became the target of fishermen as well as fishing companies. Out of 15 species of Mahseer in India, five faced the dire threat of extinction.

That was when we at Tata Power decided to step in, exactly fifty years ago. Just in the nick of time. For a fish that was literally feeling out of water!

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