A Lowdown on the Best Inverter Batteries and Their Benefits

If you live in an area where there are regular power cuts, you certainly know what an inverter is. Consequently, you might have an idea about inverter batteries too. You may have come across a million things about inverter batteries that may or may not be true! However, only when you know the types of inverter batteries and online inverter battery price in India can you understand which is the best inverter battery for home use. At Luminous, we offer a comprehensive range of the best inverter batteries and inverter plus battery combo to select from.

Let’s start with the basics of top inverter batteries by Luminous.

What Is an Inverter Battery?

Within the life of an inverter,battery plays a critical role. Inverter converts the grid supplied energy into DC power and battery is a device where this DC power is stored. In the event of power outage, inverter draws power from battery and inverts it back to AC form to run all household loads.

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