Things That Make Luminous the Leading Inverter & Battery Company in India

In semi-urban and rural areas, low electrification has led to a growing demand for power inverters, used as an alternative power source during power cuts and emergencies. Also, the heavy use of electronic devices and appliances, such as cell smart TVs, air conditioners, etc., has led to an increase in the demand of backup power. The industry has also seen many technological developments and new technologies being implemented to address changing customer needs. With seven production units, more than 28 sales offices in India, and a presence in over 36 countries, we are the one of the leading inverters & battery companies in India. We manufacture a wide variety of UPS home inverter systems and batteries that are conveniently split into smart variety, critical range, and power range. You need luminous inverters for the electrical devices in your home to shield them from untethered electrical grids. Luminous inverters are available in various sizes and are made with customer comfort in mind, making us one of the leading inverters & battery companies in India. Over the past three decades, we at Luminous have been committed to providing you with safe and energy-efficient solutions.

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